​Well 2017 is upon us! and I now have a chance to catch up with things, lile my website to be exact... So the 16'season was fantastic, starting late April in Wilson, the fishing was as good as it can be, with many limit catches of Lakers and Kings! as the water started warming up, we found a school of fish just west of Point Breeze that stayed there for about a month as August rolled around the fishing got just a bit tougher, see the lake flipped...hard and it scattered the fish, had to cover a lot of water, and pulled out a bunch of great boxes. September was okay as well with a very late samon run we were able to pull some nice ones in the lake not too close to the river, the water was very warm. All-n-all it was one of the best seasons we've ever had!

My deposit letters are out now, so I'm looking forward to finalizing my book for the new season!                                                                                      As always we are booking trips for the upcoming season give a call or send an e mail, so we can get you in the book!.
Check out the photo page for proof.

I will continue to post any new info on this page as well as my twitter page, or my facebook page